AOK LED Light: The Step towards Enlighten Streets

In order to compete in a competitive spirit proper time management has become the key principle in every sector in the modern world. So creating a lighting environment in round the clock has become a challenge. From this point of view LED Street Lights have proved its demand by its unique extraordinary features like- Energy efficiency, Luminous efficiency, color quality, thermal management etc.

Basically LED Street Lights consists of hundreds of tiny electronic Lights called LEDs (Light emitting Diodes) unite together in a light or lamp attached to a lighting fixture. LED Street Lights have ensured a safer journey option by avoiding accidents than the conventional lights like LPS, HPS and MH etc.

LED Street Light 200W BlackIt has become a tough task to choose an appropriate LED manufacturing company for getting a desired lighting environment. AOK in China is one of the best LED Street Light Manufactures in China which ensures quality LED with competent installation mechanism.

The advantages offered by AOK through its products are:

1. Long & Predictable lifetime 2. Low energy consumption 3. Low maintenance cost. 4. Eco friendly mechanism i.e LEDs does not release poisonous gas. 5. Reduced glare for safe driving. 6. Higher light output even at lower temperature. 7. Instant turn on & turn off.

By offering such type of vital services, AOK has acquired the reputation as one of the best LED Street Light Suppliers. So visit the website of AOK today and check each of the products with its specification and place an online order to have a suitable LED Street Light. The AOK team will take the follow up actions in order to enlighten your Streets ensuring accident free streets.


Lighten up your city streets with our bright LED lighting system

To have a safer and cost cutting lighting system, most of the major cities around the world are choosing to install LED street light. Not only homeowners and businesses are reaping the benefits of installing LED lights but also many local authorities around the world are opting to replace their current street lightings with these LEDs.

First of when it comes to LED street lighting, these are made up of hundreds of the tiny light emitting diodes. They are widely accepted because of the fact that they provide a much cleaner and whiter light than an ordinary light, making things more visible to those who are passing along the streets. With so many light emitting diodes installed, they illuminate a far larger expanse of area.

LED Street light Manufacturer LEDs are eco-friendly by nature as they don’t contain any hazardous chemicals like mercury or lead in them. Hence disposing such lights is not at all a risk. They don’t take much time to emit light rather just turns on immediately emitting a high level lighting. These provide an even lighting across the surface as they are directional and hence can able to illuminate brighter light than the ordinary lights.

When it comes to buying LED street lights, then AOK Industrial Company Limited is the only name that comes to everyone’s mind. Not every LED light is named as AOK. With an experience of more than 10 years, we have surpassed many milestones and have become one of the biggest LED street lights manufacturer and exporter companies in China mainland. As a genuine LED street light supplier, AOK aims for a continual development and supply high value and quality products to our clients so that they can benefit from our cooperation.

You are always welcome to contact us and we look forward for your approach, because your satisfaction is our priority!!!

A lot of savings with the long run of AOK LED lights

AOK industrial company limited is also contributing its part in saving energy and fuels and hence has become successful in utilizing basic concepts of science and manufactured amazing technology of lights well known to be LED lights. These LED emit a powerful beam of light with less energy consumption s compared to normal conventional lights. These lights have overcome the energy crisis in many countries as well and are best for commercial use. AOK is also a genuine LED high bay light manufacturer where you can avail yourself with a longer lasting, powerful and reliable lighting system at a budget that will surely fit your pocket. Surface mounted lights well known to be, LED canopy lights are also being used for easy adaptation in interior high bay applications like warehouses, gymnasiums and exterior applications like underpasses etc.

flood_light2For commercial purpose, powerful lights are used and these are well known to be LED flood lights. These lights produce high intensity of light with less consumption of electricity, that too at a maintainable budget. Where illumination is concerned, these lights can be a best resource of energy saving and budget management for both domestic and commercial use. These lights are available in the market in many styles that provide lighting and at the same time meet esthetic value of your taste and space. Being waterproof these lights doesn’t get damaged in rains and hence work for a longer period of time on streets, billboards and many other commercial places. These are safe to be used as they don’t cause any kind of electric shock. When discussing about optimum lighting, LED outdoor flood lights are one of the best choice for outdoor games and parties where you don’t have to compromise with the lighting. These lights emit broad-beam of lighting with a very less consumption of electricity.  You can get a lot of savings with the long run of these LED lights.

AOK LED high bay lights practically lasts for a lifetime

Finding a genuine LED tunnel light manufacturer in the market may be a tough job. But now browsing the internet can leave you with great advantage of exploring to a wide assortment of products at one place in rather than walking all the way long searching for a genuine product. ?????????????????

Aok Industrial Company Limited can help you in that case. We are a well known LED tunnel light supplier and LED high bay light supplier who have made a positive remark in the market of export companies in China mainland for our high quality products and services. Our LED lights are highly reliable with eco-friendly nature that can go well with the present environment.

LED street lightsare relatively better than other incandescent lamps and the other fluorescents. These commercial lights are basically designed for reducing the cost of the lighting system and that is the reason why the sale of such lights in the market has increased.

Now days LED high bay lights are in great demand for their quality, price, shapes and advantages. These commercial lights are basically built with many kind of semiconductor materials like; silicon, diamond, gallium, zinc solenoid and many more constituents. The power, resistance and lifetime of a commercial LED high bay light is quite high than a normal light. These lights are available in many colors that emit the intended colors and don’t use any color filters like other lights. Their sales have increased a lot in last few years in comparison to fluorescents because of their more power saving feature. These lights lasts practically a lifetime when compared to regular conventional lights.

 LED tunnel lights are being used in the tunnels now days because of their great features like high efficiency, safety and long durability with less maintenance in comparison to the normal lighting systems. These can work in high temperature and damp environment as well.

AOK LED Street Lights: Taking over the market

Now day’s traditional street lights are being replaced by LED street lights which are taking over the market presently. These lights are fresh alternatives to street lights like LPS, HPS or MH. LED street lights consist of hundreds of tiny electronic lights known to be light emitting diodes. With the replacement of conventional incandescent traffic lighting systems by LEDs, many companies and municipalities are contributing in the campaign of a greener environment as a gift for future generations as well.high_way2

These lights are a great example of advancement in technologies of outdoor lighting system. LED outdoor lights are being employed on roads, highways, tunnels and other pedestrian areas presently. These come with a multitude of advantages like eco-friendly nature, energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness over the traditional ones. Installing these Led street lights will leave you with many advantages like; they consume less energy, the bulbs are eco-friendly, they are brighter than normal lights, they turn on instantly without any delay, they are directional with more output than any other lights. For tunnels, LED tunnel lights are being employed now because these lights feature the high lighting efficiency, good stability, safety and long working lifetime for large area lighting.

If you are searching for a genuine LED street light manufacturer then, you have come to the right place. You can avail yourself with all the advantages of this brand new version of lighting system at “” with high quality products for the money you pay. We are a renowned LED street light supplier in China mainland and are into this business since 10yrs. In these 10yrs, we have always made up to the expectations of our customers and hence have become successful in building a trust worthy bonding with them. We let our clients to benefit with our high quality services and products.